Why Would A Child Lie?

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“Why Would A Child Lie?” is a true, shocking story of a young child’s struggle with incestual abuse!

Journey with the author as she unfolds eight critical years of her life having to endure incestual abuse. She maps out her road to recovery and forgiveness and lists ways of identifying and exposing these types of relationship. This books ia an excellent tool in the therapist’s office as well as the pastoral care study!”

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Rose Williams




April 2004

1 review for Why Would A Child Lie?

  1. Dr. Michael C. Carson, Senior Pastor

    I am very excited about this book. It has become a reality for my member, my friend, my sister in the LORD, Rose Williams. I am excited because there is the real opportunity for someone else who has had to endure the violation of person that the author had to endure to receive help, treatment, and inner healing.
    Dr. Michael C. Carson, Senior Pastor
    AME Church, Indianapolis, Indiana

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