Herstine Wright

Herstine Wright, a Chicagoan, is a woman who loves God and has a heart for His people. She has a passion for Outreach Ministry. She witnesses, feeds, and clothes homeless men and women on the streets of Chicago and suburbs. She has served as a volunteer many times, encouraging the sick and afflicted in the Long Term Care Units. She is a teacher of the Word of God, and she serves as “guest teacher” for ministries and Women’s Retreats, inspiring the people of God to get into His Presence. She is the author of six powerful books, Inheriting His Holy Mountain, FIRESTARTERS! God’s FIREmen, Discovering God’s Sacred SECRETS and her newly released books, A Witness”The Spiritual Inheritance (Journal), A Report From The Heights, The LORD Gave Me a Song Too.

She has written many enlightening articles that have appeared in several spiritual magazines and newsletters for churches in Chicago. They have included the Valley Kingdom News Publication, the Logos Horn Newspaper and Saved Sisters Giving God The Glory.